Custom Chibi Commissions

Custom Chibi Commissions

Starts at $100+ for one character (additional costs for more characters, background, etc)

Need some additional customizing for your Twitch Live page or social media? I can make you a custom chibi to upload to your page!

Please note that by commissioning me, you’ve reviewed my samples and see “my style.” I will not copy another artist’s artstyle, but I can make you into the style of (for example) an existing video game character.

When filling out the quote form, please be as specific as possible with reference images. But if you’re cool with whatever, that’s also great, as long as it fits my custom commission guidelines.

What I can do: humanoids, armor, some furry, cute stuff, nsfw (though this may be prohibited on some platforms)

What I can’t do: realistic animals and life-like portraits

Bonus: Interested in sticker merch to give out to your fans? I also offer 10 physical vinyl stickers (indoor and outdoor use) at an additional cost of $20 (more stickers at a higher cost – ask for details). Let me set up all that printing stuff for you!

In a hurry? Rush orders are an additional 50%. (For example, if you purchase one avatar, your rush order cost is $150.)

Use Rights: Please note that avatars are for personal use only. Merchandising rights cna be purchased for an additional $300 fee, in which I’ll send you the original .PSD file(s).

Special Offer: Are you a return customer and loved your previous custom avatar? I offer a 10% off discount on your total order!

Note: Please note that I often stream art I’m currently working on in my Twitch channel, on social media, and share it in this portfolio. If you don’t want me to share your commission, please state so on the quote form and I will respect your privacy.

Please note that these chibi are not for sale and are copyright of their respective owners. Custom chibi will not have a watermark.
To see more examples of my work, please visit my Twitter and Instagram.