Terms and Conditions


Interested in commissioning me for custom artwork? Please read my terms and conditions BEFORE placing your order. By placing an order, I will assume that you have read, and agree with, my terms.

Please note that I reserve the right not to accept or to cancel a commission if my terms have been violated.

Placing an Order

How long does it take?
Your commission may take anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on how much you order, my current queue, and the complexity of the items.

How does payment work?
Please do not request a commission unless you’re ready to pay within the next 3 business days.

I only accept PayPal through Goods and Services, which is digital art. This is to protect both of us.

I only accept United States Dollars (USD). If you live outside the USA, you can check the current exchange rate at xe.com.

I will send you an invoice when we have worked out the details and I have accepted your commission.

50% must be paid up front and I will not begin your commission until it’s received. 50% can be paid after you have approved the commission, and then I will send you the files.

If you fail to make the down payment after 3 business days, your spot in line will be forfeited, and you’ll be moved to the end (unless you make a rush order).

Yikes! I need a rush order!
Rush orders will place you in front of the line, but at a price. Rush orders are 50% of your subtotal, but you will receive your completed commission within 2-3 days.

Can you copy *insert other emote artist name* here?
Nope! Please only place a commission with me because you like my work, not because you want me to copy another emote artist’s hard work. 

If you have a “theme” or color palatte, I’m happy to oblige! I also don’t mind creating artwork in the style of existing anime, manga, tokusatsu, video game characters, but please be aware it will still have “my style” and won’t be a direct replication of the source.

What’s your skill set like?
I primarily draw humanoid characters. I can’t draw vehicles, complex mecha, etc. I will draw what you specify, but that is not a guarantee that Twitch will accept the emote. I am not responsible for their service rejecting an emote because it violates their TOS.

Can I have a free emote, avatar, etc?
I occasionally giveaway free art for followers on Twitter and Twitch. Outside of that, I cannot do that. Please respect that I’m an artist and I consider commissions as a job.

Commission Progress

What’s the progress on my commission?
I take your commission seriously, so please allow me to show you updates when they are ready. Please do not repeatedly (like once an hour, etc) contact me asking for progress updates.

When will you contact me with updates?
I will update you with the sketch for your approval and then colors.

How many revisions can I have?
The sketch is the most important part of the commission, as it provides the foundation of the artwork. I allow up to 3 revisions on the sketch, then minor revisions on the color work.

Major changes after approval of the sketch will require you to buy another commission.

Are you going to show progress videos on Twitch?
Yes! Sometimes I do stream commission art with a credit back to your Twitch channel. If you would rather keep the work private, please let me know when placing your order. Otherwise, I will assume it’s ok.

I’ve approved the work! Now what?
After I have your final approval, I’ll ask that you send the remaining balance to me via PayPal. I will not send the files until the balance has been paid off. Please double-check that the email you listed is correct. 

 If ordering multiple items will send the files as a .ZIP file to the email you listed in the form.  You’ll need software like .7zip (free) to open the file.

The commission is now “complete,” I have the files, but I don’t want my custom art anymore. Can I have a refund?
Sorry, no refunds unless I am unable to complete your order. 

Premade Emotes

What’s a premade emote?
These are emotes that I made as samples or fun. They were not commissions.

Can I make a revision to the emote?
No changes can be made to the emote. They are sold as-is.

Can I request a pre-made emote?
Sorry, no requests. I usually make these as examples and for fun. If you would like something specific, please place a commission.

How many pre-made emotes are available?
Unlimited! They’re already made, so I just send you the files. There may be limited edition emotes that will only have a small amount available.

I decided I don’t want this pre-made emote anymore. Can I have a refund?
Sorry, no refunds on pre-made emotes.

Other Questions

Do you offer *insert type of graphic*?
Possibly! I try not to offer the service unless I have an example of it. Send me a message and let’s chat about it!

Any other questions? Feel free to send me a message via the Contact form and I’ll reply within 1 business day!